Soli-Demo vor Botschaft

Britische Aktivist_innen rufen für 14.01. vor der deutschen Botschaft in London zu einer Demonstration gegen die drohende Räumung der Liebig 14 auf. < >

Defend autonomous spaces!
Save Liebig 14!

Demo outside the German embassy, Belgrave Square, London
This friday – 14th January – 12 midday

Liebig 14 is one of Berlin longest running autonomous housing projects, serving as a space for collective living as well as community and political organising for over 20 years. After a 4 year legal process the owners of the building have finally been given legal permission to evict the house. Squatted shortly after the fall of the wall in what was a derelict area of east Berlin, Liebig 14’s attempted eviction is just one sympton of a rampaging processes of gentrification which is rapidly forcing poorer residents out of the city centre and tearing apart the city’s radical infrastructure.

Liebig 14 is proud to be a part of a long history of autonomous spaces in Berlin and around the world. In working against capitalism, social hierarchy and discrimination, autonomous spaces take small but concrete steps towards wider political emancipation and self-determined living.

The eviction of Liebig 14 will be a loss not only to Berlin’s alternative project infrastructure but also a wider attack on projects everywhere attempting to build alternative, more socially just, and more sustainable modes of social organization. Solidarity with free spaces under threat in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and worldwide is key if we are to sustain these vital resources.

Stop gentrification tearing apart our cities!
Support autonomous spaces!
Save Liebig 14!

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  1. 1 ... 13. Januar 2011 um 18:17 Uhr

    There will also be a demo outside the German embassy in Edinburgh/Scotland this Friday at 11a.m.
    Solidarity is a weapon!!!!

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