On 2. February 2011 the cops will try to evict the house-project Liebig
14 in Berlin-Friedrichshain – and this we take very seriously. The
threatening eviction is an attack against us all and we are not planning
on giving in so easily! For this reason we will take our anger to the
streets with a powerful demonstration on 29. January 2011.

Of course we are furious about the planned destruction of yet another
free-space but this is only one outbreak of a larger problem. In
Friedrichshain as in many other city districts Gentrification has been an
integral part of all day vocabulary for quite some time already. Only a few
colorful stains manage to break through the mirror-finished citymadness.
Surveilance and control of public spaces continue to increase. But more
and more annoyance is growing wider, because the neoliberal city-
restructuring does not only concern the leftist, uncommercial subculture
of this city but especially people of lower social position, immigrants and
people of other citizen-groups who are already being pushed to the edge
of society anyway. Increasing rents force them into places where they
have socially already been for a long time: far away from those things that
make life pleasant, like grown social networks or a vivid self-made
culture. What ́s left is a cultural uniformity-mush in the shape of faceless
cocktailbars with overexpensive prices and unified ready-made half-
houses of cement which greatest creativity mount in their different
nuances of grey. All of this is decorated with private security-companies
and surveilance-cameras everywhere.
Our struggle is not about saving our own ass, so we can live an
undisturbed life for little money and with nice people in our own little
No! We demand a city for all!
We are aware that the reality in our projects often doesn ́t match all of our
nice claims. It is most important to make our ideas practical here and
now. We experiment, and together we try to find the best way to a
different with-each-other outside the various forms of social hierarchy like
racism and sexism. It is a struggle against those things that we have
spiritualized, against the temptation of giving up our ideas and going the
simple, submissive way leading to a little bit better life in the Wrong. It ́s
not about building a safe and sound little world, but about creating places
where resistance against the reigning conditions is organized. We know
very well that increasing rents, displacement and evictions are – despite
the burning topicality – only a part of the problem: the normal capitalistic
state. We think that it is correct to not only criticize the certain
conditions that socially lock out and repress people, but to attack
them as well.

For self-shaped city-restructuring!!!!!
Gain free-spaces by force!!!!!
Defend Liebig 14!!!!!

Demonstration on 29. January 2011 at 3:00 pm -
Subway-Station: Kottbusser Tor
And if the eviction on 2. February 2011 should succeed:
2. February 2011, 7:00 pm – at Boxhagener Platz.
Further infos: liebig14.blogsport.de

Mobilisation material for the demo on 29.01.2011 at 3:00pm is ready to take. The flyers and posters are available at Liebig 14, infoshob „Daneben“, KuBiz and soon in Bethanien. The flyers are written in german and english. Spread the word!

here the way…..

Kottbusser Tor (start), Adalbertstr., Oranienstr., Manteuffelstr., Waldemarstr., Lausitzer Platz, Eisenbahnstr., Wrangelstr., Skalitzer Str., Oberbaumbrücke, Warschauer Str. (stop at Liegenschaftsfond and trainstation), Warschauer Str., Petersburger Str., Rigaer Str. ( stop at Rigaerstr corner to Liebig-Str.), Rigaer Str., Proskauer Str., Niederbarnimstr., Grünberger Str. (the end in the corner Grünberger Ecke Gabriel-Max in front of Zielona Gora)